Welcome to The Gadget Chef

Ok so I'm not really a chef, but I do like to play one in the kitchen. I'm your everyday average guy, who is really into 2 things, food and gadgets! And I love combining the two and experimenting with that.

I've tried many gadgets out there, some with success and some with miserable failures. But my biggest goal is to limit what space I take up with what gadgets. As a person with a less than sizable kitchen, counter top real estate is so important I can't be the type that has several gadgets out all the time, and I'm also the type that if it's not out and handy, I'm likely not to use it.

So through the course of this blog I will give out some info on those items I've gotten over the years and how I use them, and some recipes, and be sure to share yours too, or comment if you've tried them

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tikka Masala

I have yet to attempt to make Indian food myself, but my wife and I both enjoy it.  So this is one time I'm going to recommend a jar of something from the grocery store.

A while back we decided to try this Kroger Private Selections Tikka Masala sauce.  I sautéed some onions, and green peppers, emptied a jar of the Tikka masala sauce in there, along with a drained can of garbanzo beans.  Since I wanted some sort of meat, that the wife did not want, I seared some chicken in another pan, then added some of the tikka masala from the other pan, and let both pans simmer for a while.

Served with some rice and some garlic naan, and you will have a nice little Indian dinner.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.